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Single Day Rate 2-Day Rate 3-Day Rate
Basic Adult Ski Set $22 $44 $63
Sport Ski Set $33 $66 $99
Performance Ski Set $44 $88 $132
Premium Demo Ski Set $55 $110 $165
Child Ski Set $18 $36 $51
Snowboard Set* $36 $72 $108
Performance Snowboard Set $47 $94 $141
Demo Snowboard Set* $55 $110 $165
Snowboard Boots Only $15 $30 $45
Child Snowboard Set $28 $56 $84
Telemark Ski Set $27 $54 $81
Demo Telemark Ski Set $49 $98 $147
Cross-Country Ski Set $22 $44 $66
Helmets and ski clothes are for sale at Treasure Sports
Rental prices include free overnight storage!
*Snowboard Sets include snowboard with bindings and boots.

Ski equipment rentals


We will have equipment available for rent for walk ups every morning, or afternoon between 3:00-4:30 pm for the following ski day. We have never run out!

Groups of 25 or more, please complete and submit the following forms 2 weeks prior to arrival:

Rental Reservation Form and Skier Type
or Snowboard Reservation Form

Rental Options

Basic Set: Just starting out? Or maybe you’re just comfortable with cruising the groomers all day. Our basic set will provide a comfortable and stable platform for whatever your needs may be. Included in this package are a pair of soft core Salomon skis, Nordica’s rear entry model boots (designed for comfort), and a set of ski poles.

Sport Set: Looking to work on taking your skiing to the next level? Our sport set offers a wide variety of snow specific and skier specific skis to help you on your way. Paired with a mid-soft 4 buckle boot, the sport set will give you the all-day support and comfort you will need. Ski brands include Volkl, Salomon, Dynastar, K2, and Rossignol.

Performance Set: This package is perfect for the skier asking the age old question ”Is it me, or just these skis” Come see for yourself when you try out our top of the line snow and skier specific skis; including ladies specific, twin tip, tip rocker, hard snow, and powder skis. Experience edge grip and glide like never before. Ski brands include Stockli, Volkl, Kastle, G3, Fischer, and Salomon. Boot brands include Salomon, Lange, and Technica, each accommodating a different style of foot, for that perfect fit.

Demo Set: Whether you are hiking the ridges, headed to Alberta for the day, or just want to see how the other half live, our premium demo set is the one for you. This set includes skis that have been field tested and hand-picked by Wolf Creek staff members. Using performance and relevance to our mountain as the main criteria of judgment, we have assembled an amazing line-up for the 2017-18 ski season. Accompanied by Atomic’s “Live Fit” boot series, these skis are guaranteed to please. Ski brands include Scott, Volkl, Salomon, and Atomic.

Infrared Wax Packages

Using the “Wax Future” infrared wax machine Wolf Creek provides guests with the latest and highest quality waxing technology offered in the ski industry today. The waxing machine heats up the ski/snowboard, which allows the specialized wax to penetrate the base layer. A higher wax penetration and absorption results in a long lasting gliding capacity of the ski and snowboard bases especially with hard waxes. The even distribution of the temperature over the whole ski leads to a homogeneous wax penetration.

Wax Packages are set up with or without demos, whatever works for you!

Basic Package includes waxing only.

*Sport Package includes wax and demo. Leave your skis or board at the rental and test-drive "demo skis" or "demo snowboard" for 2 hours while your skis are getting waxed. No waiting just keep going while your own skis/board are getting serviced.

Performance Package includes wax and tuning edges by certified technicians.

*Premium Package includes the whole nine yards! Wax, edge tuning, and test-drive "demo skis" or "demo snowboard" for 2 hours. Don’t miss a beat in fabulous conditions while your equipment is getting the highest quality service.

*If you want to continue with the demos after the first 2 hours, there is an additional

Wax Packages

Performance (wax and edge)$28$33

Ski Snowboard
Basic (wax only) $17 $22
Sport (wax plus 2-hour Demo) $28 $33
Premium (wax, edge/plus 2-hour demo) $39 $44
Full Tune (Edge Wax, Base Grind) $50 $50
Binding Function Test $16
Ski Mounting *Call Rental for availability

Snowboard rentals


Ski Rental is located in the Sport Center building just across from the Ticket Office and has over 3,000 sets on hand. New equipment is added every winter.

Snowboard Rental is located in the Boarder Dome next to the Wolf Creek Lodge, uphill from Ski Rental. Over 400 premium snowboards are on hand and new equipment is added regularly.