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“PRESEASON” Operating Plan WCSA has developed a “PRESEASON” opening plan that will allow for outdoor recreation without having any amenities, such as rental, food and beverage service, or ski school. This will allow for our guests to enjoy the great outdoors in its simplest form while Local, State, Federal agencies develop additional guidelines. WCSA will then add additional amenities as deemed appropriate. GUEST DISCLAIMER Due to COVID-19, this ski season will be different in some ways, but WCSA is dedicated to continue to provide the best skiing experience possible. We kindly request all guests to keep our community safe by practicing the Five Commitments of Containment:     SAFETY MEASURES: *Before planning a trip to ski, please consider these new policies as well as everyone’s responsibility in keeping our community safe. We’re all in this together! There may be risk of Local, State, or Federal guidelines and regulations changing which may alter or cancel your visit at WCSA. WCSA will not be offering any refunds due to COVID-19 closures. There is also a risk that if you do get sick while visiting that you will be asked to quarantine for 14 days in the local area and this additional financial cost for the added stay will be your responsibility. EMPLOYEE GUIDELINES: DEPARTMENT GUIDELINES: All departments will follow the Mountain Wide COVID-19 safety policies, with the addition of these more specific policies for their departments PATROL POLICIES All protocols have been reviewed and approved by Physician Advisor/Medical Control Dr. Grant Hurley • Duty stations should be limited as follows: WCSA will be updating all policies based on Local, State, and Federal guidelines. We will ensure all guests and employees receive necessary and prompt communication based on these guidelines, and will implement new regulations as required.