Wolf Creek Ski Area, in Southern Colorado Celebrates 80 Seasons of Skiing!

Wolf Creek Ski Area in Southern Colorado is celebrating its 80th Anniversary of abundant powder and an atmosphere unique to the family owned and operated ski area!  Since commemorating the 75th season of Wolf Creek in 2014-2015, various milestones, achievements, improvements and upgrades have been accomplished.  The 2014-2015 ski season was one for the books: with Kingsbury Pitcher being inducted to the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame; the installment of Wolf Creek’s eighth chairlift named Elma; an upgrade to the Fun Races with the construction of a Race Hutch and offering a snowboard version of Wolf Pups, named Wolf Riders.  In the five seasons since the 80th anniversary Wolf Creek Ski Area has continued to organically evolve with: the addition of two new lifts; online ski school reservations; a lift ticket specific to ages 65 and older; an espresso bar atop the Continental Divide and the development of the largest exploder system in North America; just to name a few.

Wolf Creek Pass saw it’s 100th year of travel in 2016 with nine million dollars in improvements during 2018-2019.  In 2016, the Pitcher Family celebrated 40 years of operating Wolf Creek.  The family has gone from hand-stamped lift and lesson tickets with metal wickets to a point-of-sale system with barcoded tickets and a computerized system that also allows season pass holders to go directly to the lift.  The point-of-sale system has moved Wolf Creek Ski Area into e-signing season pass contracts and waivers and rental liability forms.  This system only further compliments the sustainable and eco friendly practices the Pitcher’s have implemented during the 45-year stewardship of its U.S. Forest Service Special Use Permit.  Wolf Creek Ski Area has also made it’s mark in the ski industry as the first ski area in the country to operate on 100% solar power during day use and other sustainable energy sources for night use.

Wolf Creek’s 79th season was memorable with over 550 inches of snow and Wolf Creek Ski Area’s second earliest opening in history, October 13th, 2018!  Wolf Creek Ski Area’s Improvements from 2019-2020:

  •         The full service Lynx Learning Center complete with rentals, lessons and tickets for beginner skiers; two new major trails, Orion’s Beltway and Feather Duster; the introduction of the Charity Jane Express and the accompanying terrain
  •          Raven Grill upgrade with sunroom and BBQ smoker

The Pitchers look forward to the anniversaries, milestones, improvements and upgrades to come.  Help commemorate the 80th season with some turns here at Wolf Creek!

View Wolf Creek Ski Area’s 75th Anniversary at Wolf Creek’s YouTube Channel.

Permission to use photo granted it is credited to Christi Bode, courtesy of Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Permission to use photo granted it is credited to Sam Bricker, courtesy of Wolf Creek Ski Area.