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Forest Stewardship

Care for the environment

Wolf Creek’s forest, like most in the state of Colorado, is infested with the spruce beetle. More information on this policy is available by contacting Wolf Creek Ski Area or downloading a pdf here: Vegetation Management Plan and Cover Type map.

Wind Power

Wolf Creek Ski Area sees the importance of using renewable energy sources and feels that businesses should be setting an example in this area. For this reason, Wolf Creek purchases 100 percent of all power usage, mountain wide and year round, from a green power energy supplier, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, who in turn supplies the SLVREC, the local power company for Wolf Creek. This green power comes from two wind farms located near Medicine Bow, Wyoming. Although this energy is currently more expensive, Wolf Creek is making a substantial commitment in showing the need for sustainable business practices. The average monthly usage for Wolf Creek is 145,900 kwh, which would be equal to removing 241 cars a year from the road. Wolf Creek has been recognized by the Forest Service for subsidizing 100% of power usage with wind power. Wolf Creek Ski Area has proudly been a member of the EPA Green Power Partnership since 2006. For more information please visit:

Water Conservation and Quality

Water conservation

Three modern water-free restrooms facilities are currently in use on the mountain. These environmentally friendly restrooms are water-free, composting and certified with a zero discharge. Two of the restrooms are 800 square feet in size, heated and located at the tops of the Treasure Chairlift and the Raven Lift.  The third is located at the bottom of Alberta Lift.  Low water-usage toilets have been in place in all other restroom facilities at the ski area since 1982 long before it was proper to save water resources. Also, Wolf Creek Ski Area conducts bi-annual in depth water sampling, conducted by an independent water firm, of all major streams passing through Wolf Creek Ski Area. Wolf Creek uses 100% biodegradable hydraulic oils in all heavy equipment. This oil is manufactured out of grape seed oil and is guaranteed to break down into a completely biodegradable product in less than four weeks. Wolf Creek is unique in using this product and has been using this product for well over ten years.

Share the Ride, Share the Fun

Environmental Research

For the past 17 years Wolf Creek Ski Area has participated in an in-depth study of the water quality coming from precipitation. This program is being done in conjunction with the University of Illinois in order to determine trends in acid rain and acid snow.

Recycling Policy

Wolf Creek recycles kitchen oil, glass, aluminum, steel, cardboard, paper, magazines, batteries, old uniforms, ink jet cartridges, phone books, old computers, monitors, printers and keyboards.

Alternative Energy

Solar power is used at small outlying buildings at Wolf Creek. Also, through buying shares in San Juan Biodiesel, Wolf Creek is supporting this alternative fuel source.

The Ski Areas Citizens' Coalition lowered Wolf Creek’s environmental score for the 2013-2014 season (the 2014-2015 score has not been reported yet).  Wolf Creek is working on restoring a higher grade by establishing a more realistic timeline of Wolf Creek’s expansion goals with the coalition.  For more information go to

Car Pooling

Over peak periods Wolf Creek, provides bus service to and from the ski area for employees. Employees are compensated to ride the buses to allow for more Guest parking.  The majority of Wolf Creek’s clientele drive long distances and their vehicles become their home away from home.  Wolf Creek provides free paved parking and free parking shuttles as an amenity that is greatly appreciated by our guests.