The Ravenís Nest

Raven's Nest

Located on the Top of the Raven Lift (See Raven Lift on Trail Map)

This is Wolf Creekís newest dining experience. Grilled burgers with all the condiments, sandwiches, soups and desserts, along with beverages are sold here. Over holiday periods, you can find Wolf Pups eating lunch and enjoying the space for meeting and snacks.

Restrooms are also located in this building.

The Alberta Grill

Alberta Grill at Wolf Creek Ski Area

This small outlying food service is located at the bottom of the Alberta Lift. Place your order with the attendant for one of Wolf Creekís delicious grilled burgers, take one more run on Alberta and on your return, your burger will be done to perfection! Lots of other snacks including homemade brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats (a big favorite), coffee, hot chocolate and other beverages are in supply for skiers who arenít ready to go back to the base area.